Cover Design

(Cassette Artwork & Design) RenjāPariah’s Tears
(Cassette Artwork & Design) HantasiSecret Garden
(CD Artwork & Design) 777bitPathless, away from all we know
(Vinyl Insert) Gates of Siam – EVE
(CD Artwork) w u s o 命Don’t Forget Me
(Book Artwork & Design) Thane Crozier – Mouselights
(Book Artwork & Design) Thane Crozier – The Coming of Liam
(Book Artwork & Design) Thane Crozier – Dreams Come True
(Album Cover) ArchizerCHIMERA I
(Album Cover) Cast Down From The Desert SunSelf Titled
(Comic Book Guest Art) Rusty Cage – Requiem of the Crazies Vol. 2