Video Games

Molly and the Gunmids (PC) Co-composer, Editor, Testing

Button City (Nintendo Switch, PS5, XBox Series X|S, PC, Mac) – Testing, Community Moderator

TWONCZ (Custom Arcade Cabinet at Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return) – Composer, Sound Design

Game Jams:
Echoing Darkness (Tile Artwork, Level Design) (2017)
Script Kitties (Composer, Sound Design) (2018)
AttacKnight (Co-composer) (2018)
GhostBoy (Composer) (2019)
WET GAMIN Trick Treat 2019 (Co-composer, Guest Artwork) (2019)
Ground Control (Composer, Sound Design) (2020)
Slippery When Yeti (Composer, Sound Design) (2020)
Monster Masquerade (Composer, Tile Artwork) (2020)
WET GAMIN Trick Treat 2020 (Guest Artwork) (2020)
Eye of Newt Redux (Sound Design) (2021)
WET GAMIN Trick Treat 2021 (Co-composer, Guest Artwork) (2021)
Turturbulence (Composer) (2022)